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We support smart city solutions with 100 000 €

Application round for 2022 has ended. 

Participate in the Tallinnovation Smart Tallinn innovation competition

The city of Tallinn in cooperation with science and business park Tehnopol is opening the “Tallinnovation” competition this spring to find and implement smart city solutions.

In 2022 the competition fund has doubled – 100,000 €!

The amount of support per company has also doubled and now amounts to 30,000 euros!

The goal of Tallinnovation competition is

  • to support cooperation between the City of Tallinn and technology companies by enabling the use of innovative software or hardware products in the City of Tallinn;
  • to support the City of Tallinn’s ambition to make the city environment more modern, sustainable, citizen-friendly, and open;
  • to introduce innovative smart city solutions, products, and services to the City of Tallinn;
  • develop awareness of new innovative solutions in the city environment among the employees and officials in Tallinn.

If you have an exciting idea for creating smart city solutions or improving on existing ones, then this competition is for you. Submit your idea to the Tallinnovation Smart Tallinn competition.

By submitting an idea, you can

  • implement your products/services in Tallinn;
  • carry out pilot projects in the real living environment of Tallinn;
  • get real time feedback to your product
  • Necessary contacts, advice and resources (including access to infrastructure and other necessary resources for completing your project)
  • Financial resources from the city of Tallinn;
  • References and recommendations from the city of Tallinn for supporting sales and export;
  • use the support of the Tehnopol mentor network to carry out the project.

You can apply if your company

  • is registered in Tallinn;
  • it has been operational for at least 6 months;
  • has at least one full-time employee;
  • has a turnover of at least 10,000 euros for at least the last 6 months (from the moment of application);
  • has developed and provides products/services in the smart city area;
  • the implementation of the product/service in the city of Tallinn supports the goals stated in the city development plan of Tallinn (environmentally friendly, sustainable, innovative).

To submit an application, the solution must be

Especially welcome are solutions supporting the fields of tourism, e-services, circular economy, local communities and the cooperation of Tallinn-Helsinki twin city development.
  • developed by the company itself;
  • improve an already existing solution or offer a completely new solution, which is more economical, environmentally friendly, innovative or in some other way outstanding.
  • passed the prototyping phase and the product or service must work real-time, mostly without errors;
  • innnovative.

Application process

Assessing conformity

Tehnopol will check the applicant and the application and the description of the project for eligibility. Tehnopol will ask the applicant for more information.


Tehnopol, in cooperation with a representative of the City of Tallinn, will select 10 ideas or solutions and will inform the applicants about their participation in the presentation round.

Presentations to the Commission

After completing their presentation, applicants will make a 10-minute presentation to the Commission. The committee consists of experts from the City of Tallinn and the Smart City of Tehnopol, as well as investors.

Winner selection

The Commission will select the best applicants, who will receive either a grant and/or an opportunity to cooperate with the City of Tallinn.

Contract signing

Tehnopol will conclude contracts with companies selected by the Commission, the third party of which is the City of Tallinn.


Tehnopol will monitor project implementation and disbursements.